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The electoral college as a tool for the Separation of Powers

by KatHowarth

Cite as: Kat Howarth, ‘The electoral college as a tool for the Separation of Powers’ in N. P. Cole, Grace Mallon and Kat Howarth, The Creation of the Electoral College, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, 2016), item 78.


The separation and independence of the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary was a concept of utmost importance to the Framers throughout the course of the Convention, and here Gouverneur Morris suggests that it was the driving force behind their decision to replace the election of the Executive by the Legislature with the creation of an electoral college. Morris refers to the perceived dissatisfaction of the Convention delegates as a whole with the idea of electing using the Legislature, and suggests the Committee found it 'necessary' to ensure there was separation between the two.

This fits neatly with the emphasis throughout the rest of the Convention on ensuring the Separation of Powers.

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