What is Quill?

Quill is a platform for the study of negotiated texts that emphasizes the recreation, as closely as possible, of the original context within which decisions were made.

The platform models formal negotiations, and is applicable to a wide variety of processes, including legislative and quasi-Parliamentary processes. Quill provides a variety of innovative tools for readers and editors, as well as links to material hosted on other platforms.

The flagship work hosted here is a presentation of the records of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that wrote the Constitution of the United States. A variety of other projects are planned or in progress.

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Who is part of Quill?

The Quill Platform was designed and written by Dr Nicholas Cole, Senior Research Fellow at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. The web tools for editors and readers were written by him with the help of Dr Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Research Associate at the Oxford e-Research Centre.

The Quill Platform was designed with the possibility for global collaboration in mind, and the data-entry tools were designed to require a minimum of technical knowledge.

Do you want to join in?

A variety of projects to do with the history of American constitutional law and international negotiations are in various stages of planning. If your institution would be interested in collaborating on these, or applying the Quill Platform to new problems, you are invited to contact us.

The platform can also be used as a hosting platform for legal and historical commentaries. If you would be interested in assisting with the development of commentaries and educational materials relating to the material presented here, you are also invited to contact us.

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