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The idea of an electoral college reintroduced

by KatHowarth

Cite as: Kat Howarth, ‘The idea of an electoral college reintroduced’ in N. P. Cole, Grace Mallon and Kat Howarth, The Creation of the Electoral College, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, 2016), item 77.


The report of the Grand Committee on Postponed Questions reintroduced the idea of an electoral college and removed reference to executive election via the national legislature. It is notable that September 4th is a late date for it to resurface, especially as motions on the topic had been negatived three times in quick succession, without debate, in the latter part of August.

However, it should be noted that both Daniel Carroll and Gouverneur Morris were members of this Committee; they were proponents of the electoral college and were responsible for the motions that had been negatived in August, so it appears that they had succeeded where James Wilson in the Committee of Detail had not.

This is also when the election of the Vice President during the same process was introduced, allowing for the election of both to stem from the votes of the electoral college.

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