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The Quill Project studies the history of negotiated texts. It is a research project based at Pembroke College, Oxford.

Using the records of the processes that have created constitutions, treaties, or legislation, it offers a recreation of the contexts within which decisions were made, visualizations allow the process of negotiation to be understood and explored, and commentary on specific points of interest.

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Our flagship project examines the work of the 1787 Constitutional Convention that created the Constitution of the United States.

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Flagship project: Constitutional Convention 1787

The Constitution of the United States of America was written by a Constitutional Convention held in the summer of 1787. Between May and September, a group of delegates from most states met in secret to negotiate a text that was then presented to the states of the Union.

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Constitutional signing image

Constitutional signing image

Latest Project: 1895 Utah Constitutional Convention

The Constitution for the State of Utah was written in a constitutional convention held in Salt Lake City in 1895. The proceedings of this convention have been edited by students at the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University.

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