Adam J. Glossbrenner

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"(August 31, 1810 -- March 1, 1889) Adam John Glossbrenner was a(n) printer, publisher, clerk, Sergeant at Arms, secretary, and American politician. Glossbrenner was born in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland and moved to York, Pennsylvania in 1829. He published the Wester Telegraph in Hamilton, Ohio; was a partner in the York Gazette (1835), and established the Philadelphia Age (1862). He was a clerk in, the State house of representatives (1836), House of Representatives during the 28th and 29th Congresses (1843 - 1847), and Department of State at Washington, D.C. (1848 - 1849). He was Sergeant at Arms of the house of Representatives (1850 - 1860) and private secretary to President Buchanan (1860 and 1861). Adam was elected as a democrat to the 39th and 40th congresses (March 4, 1865 - March 3, 1869), and was not reelected in 1868. [Source: 'Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774- Present', available at]"

Member of Pennsylvania Delegation—United States Fifteenth Amendment, Pennsylvania Delegation—United States Fourteenth Amendment & The Civil Rights Act of 1866.

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