Utah State Constitutional Convention 1895 (2020 Edition)

Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled to Adopt a Constitution for the State of Utah

Committee on Site and Furniture

Committee to determine the best site for the convention, and the furniture to be used.

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Session 7406: 1895-03-06 10:30:00

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Report on Site

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To the President and Members of the Constitutional Convention:


We, your committee on site, most respectfully report that we have carefully examined different locations and are unable to find anything more suitable than the quarters we now occupy. We, therefore, recommend that we accept the generous proposition of the county court of Salt Lake County, which is attached to and made a part of this report. We will state that the county court has kindly agreed to drape the alcove behind the speaker's chair to shut off the strong light. We therefore recommend that we engage the services of the chief janitor of the county's part of this building as the janitor of this Convention. All of which is respectfully submitted.



The following is an extract from the minutes of the county court, held on February 28, 1895:

Resolved, that the use of the civil court room in the joint county and city building and such other rooms as may be necessary be tendered the members of the Convention to be held in Salt Lake City, commencing March 4, 1895, for the purpose of framing a Constitution for the State of Utah, provided that the county be at no expense of making any changes that may be necessary in said room, and that no charge be made for the use thereof, unless there be funds remaining in the hands of the territorial secretary, after all other expenses of said Convention are paid, of the money apportioned by Congress for the expenses of said Convention, and that the members of the county court and the county attorney associated be appointed a committee to wait upon the secretary of the Territory for the purpose of making such arrangements for the use of such rooms by said Convention as may be necessary. The resolution was seconded and adopted, all voting aye.

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