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6 June - The Origins of Federalist 10?

by khazzard

Cite as: khazzard, ‘6 June - The Origins of Federalist 10?’ in Kieran Hazzard, Bilder and Doubts Over Madison's Notes, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, 2019), item 281.


One of Bilder's major claims is that Madison's argument in Federalist 10 did not originate in the Convention. She states that three sheets in the first section of Madison's Notes do not match the rest, and as a result believes that these were later replaced by Madison. In particular she points to the fact the material copied by Madison from the Journal does not appear as a clear addition as on other sheets but integrated into the text. Indicating that they were written as the text was produced.

One of these sheets contains Madison's speech on republics on 6 June. In it he can be seen to developing an argument which echoes that of his essay in No. 10 of the Federalist Papers. Bilder suggests that Madison altered this speech sometime between 1789 and 1791, and may therefore have retrospectively added elements from his Federalist argument.

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