United States Bill of Rights 1789 (2021 Edition)

Twelve articles of amendment to the Constitution, introduced in September 1789 by Congress.

William Grayson

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(1736–12 March 1790) Soldier, lawyer, and U.S. Senator.

After taking up law, Grayson served in the Virginia Convention in 1775 and then as a colonel of infantry in the army. He proceeded to Congress in 1784, where he was acting president. He backed the Northwest Ordinance, including a provision that made slavery illegal in the Northwest Territory. An Antifederalist and champion of Virginia's prominence amongst the states, he opposed the ratification of the Constitution. He also served on the First Congress but died while on vacation between sessions.

In his will, he emancipated all of his slaves born after the Declaration of Independence.

Member of Virginia Delegation—United States Bill of Rights 1789 (2021 Edition).

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