United States Bill of Rights 1789 (2021 Edition)

Twelve articles of amendment to the Constitution, introduced in September 1789 by Congress.

Thomas Tudor Tucker

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(25 June 1745 – 2 May 1828) Longest-serving Treasurer of the U.S. Physician, member both in the Continental Congress and the U.S. House.

Bermuda-born and settled in South Carolina, Tucker served in the South Carolina House of Representatives, the Continental Army (as a surgeon) in the Revolutionary War, and as a delegate to the Continental Congress. Tucker opposed the ratification of the Constitution. He also served in the House of Representatives in the first two Congresses. Thomas Jefferson later appointed him as Treasurer of the United States, and he continues to be the longest-serving Treasurer in United States history.

Member of South Carolina Delegation—United States Bill of Rights 1789 (2021 Edition), South Carolina Delegation—United States Bill of Rights 1789.

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