Utah State Constitutional Convention 1895 (2020 Edition)

Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled to Adopt a Constitution for the State of Utah

Source material

Files; 41–50; March 14, 1895


Each document that was presented first in the Convention and then referred to a committee was submitted to the secretary’s desk and given a file number. The files are numbered 1–154 and organized in folders. The file composite does not include every document presented. A few documents have been recorded verbatim in the Journal of the Convention and Day to Day Transcripts, and some have been lost.

Files; 41–50 ; March 14,1895 can be accessed online at the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service in the Digital Archives, a digital collection of microfilm preserved at the Utah State Archives building (Series 3212) (3212-134761-0499).


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