Utah State Constitutional Convention 1895 (2020 Edition)

Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled to Adopt a Constitution for the State of Utah

The Convention

All the delegates.

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Session 7356: 1895-03-19 14:00:00

Membership (at session start):

Louis Bernhardt Adams, Rufus Albern Allen, Andrew Smith Anderson, John Richard Barnes, John Rutledge Bowdle, John Sell Boyer, Theodore Brandley, Herbert Guion Button, William Buys, Chester Call, George Mousley Cannon, John Foy Chidester, Parley Christiansen, Thomas H. Clark Jr., Louis Laville Coray, Elmer Ellsworth Corfman, Charles Crane, William Creer, George Cunningham, Arthur John Cushing, William Driver, Dennis Clay Eichnor, Alma Eldredge, George Rhodes Emery, Andreas Engberg, Abel John Evans, David Evans, Lorin Farr, Samuel Francis, William Henry Gibbs, Charles Carroll Goodwin, James Frederic Green, Francis Asbury Hammond, Charles Henry Hart, Harry Haynes, Robert W. Heyborne, Samuel Hood Hill, John Daniel Holladay, William Howard, Henry Hughs, Joseph Alonzo Hyde, Anthony Woodward Ivins, William F. James, Lycurgus Johnson, Joseph Loftus Jolley, Thomas Kearns, David Keith, William Jasper Kerr, Frederick John Kiesel, Andrew Kimball, James Nathaniel Kimball, Richard G. Lambert, Christen Peter Larsen, Lauritz Larsen, Hyrum Lemmon, Theodore Belden Lewis, James Paton Low, Peter Lowe, William Lowe, Anthony Canute Lund, Richard Mackintosh, Karl G. Maeser, Thomas Maloney, William H. Maughan, Robert McFarland, George Parcust Miller, Jacob Moritz, Elias Morris, James David Murdock, John Riggs Murdock, Joseph Royal Murdock, Aquila Nebeker, Jeremiah Day Page, Edward Partridge, John David Peters, James Christian Peterson, Mons Peterson, Frank Pierce, William B. Preston, Alonzo Hazelton Raleigh, Franklyn Snyder Richards, Joel Ricks, Brigham Henry Roberts, Jasper Robertson, Joseph Eldredge Robinson, Willis Eugene Robison, George Ryan, William Gibson Sharp, Harrison Tuttle Shurtliff, John Henry Smith, Edward Hunter Snow, Hiram Hupp Spencer, George B. Squires, David Brainerd Stover, Charles Nettleton Strevell, Charles William Symons, Moses Thatcher, Daniel Thompson, Ingwald Conrad Thoresen, Joseph Ephraim Thorne, Samuel R. Thurman, William Grant Van Horne, Charles Stetson Varian, Noble Warrum Jr., Heber M. Wells, Orson Ferguson Whitney, Joseph John Williams (107 total)

Representing 31 delegations:

Beaver County Delegation, Box Elder County Delegation, Cache County Delegation, Davis County Delegation, Emery County Delegation, Garfield County Delegation, Grand County Delegation, Iron County Delegation, Juab County Delegation, Kane County Delegation, Millard County Delegation, Morgan County Delegation, Piute County Delegation, Rich County Delegation, Salt Lake All Other Areas Delegation, Salt Lake Precinct 1 Delegation, Salt Lake Precinct 2 Delegation, Salt Lake Precinct 3 Delegation, Salt Lake Precinct 4 Delegation, Salt Lake Precinct 5 Delegation, San Juan County Delegation, Sanpete County Delegation, Sevier County Delegation, Summit County Delegation, Tooele County Delegation, Uintah County Delegation, Utah County Delegation, Wasatch County Delegation, Washington County Delegation, Wayne County Delegation, Weber County Delegation

Imported Documents

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Exported Documents

  • Memorial from the Women of Davis County [File No. 119] (e692909)
    • Imported by 'Memorial from the women of Davis County to be read and referred ' (e697299) in Committee on Elections and Right of Suffrage,
      on Wednesday, 20 March 1895, at 10:00
  • Petition from the Women of Juab County [File No. 120] (e692912)
    • Imported by 'The petition from Juab County be read and referred to the Committee on Elections and Rights of Suffrage' (e697300) in Committee on Elections and Right of Suffrage,
      on Wednesday, 20 March 1895, at 10:00
  • Report: Education and School Lands: 1895-03-19 (e692917)
  • Proposition on Irrigation [File No. 121] (e692930)
  • Proposition on Bills and Amendments of Laws [File No. 122] (e692936)
  • Proposal on Public Indebtedness [File No. 123] (e692940)
  • Proposition on Water and Water Rights [File No. 124] (e692944)
    • Imported by 'Proposition on Water and Water Rights [File No. 124]' (e697434) in Committee on Water Rights, Irrigation, and Agriculture,
      on Wednesday, 20 March 1895, at 10:00
  • Proposition on Appropriations [File No. 125] (e692948)

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