United States Nineteenth Amendment and Edmunds Tucker Act

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the right to vote to women.

United States Senate

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Session 5127: 1919-06-04 12:00:00

H.J. Res. 1 is debated and adopted.

Membership (at session start):

Henry F. Ashurst, L. Heisler Ball, John H. Bankhead, John C. W. Beckham, William E. Borah, Thomas M. Bowen, Frank B. Brandegee, William M. Calder, Arthur Capper, George E. Chamberlain, George M. Chilcott, LeBaron B. Colt, Charles A. Culberson, Albert B. Cummins, Charles Curtis, Nathaniel B. Dial, William P. Dillingham, Walter E. Edge, Davis Elkins, Albert B. Fall, Bert M. Fernald, Duncan U. Fletcher, Joseph I. France, Joseph F. Frelinghuysen, Edward J. Gay, Peter G. Gerry, Thomas P. Gore, Asle J. Gronna, Frederick Hale, Warren G. Harding, William J. Harris, Pat Harrison, Charles P. Henderson, Gilbert M. Hitchcock, Hiram W. Johnson, Andrieus A. Jones, Wesley L. Jones, Frank B. Kellogg, John B. Kendrick, William S. Kenyon, Henry W. Keyes, William H. King, William F. Kirby, Philander C. Knox, Robert M. LaFollette, Elbridge G. Lapham, Irvine L. Lenroot, Henry Cabot Lodge, Thomas R. Marshall, Thomas S. Martin, Medill McCormick, Porter J. McCumber, James W. McDill, Kenneth D. McKellar, George P. McLean, Charles L. McNary, John F. Miller (CA), George H. Moses, Henry L. Myers, Knute Nelson, Harry S. New, Truman H. Newberry, George W. Norris, John F. Nugent, Lee S. Overman, Robert L. Owen, Caroll S. Page, Boies Penrose, James D. Phelan, Lawrence C. Phipps, Key Pittman, Miles Poindexter, Atlee Pomerene, Joseph E. Randsell, James A. Reed, Joseph T. Robinson, Morris Sheppard, Lawrence Y. Sherman, James Shields, Furnifold M. Simmons, Ellison D. Smith, Hoke Smith, John Walter Smith, Marcus A. Smith, Reed Smoot, Selden P. Spencer, Augustus O. Stanley, Thomas Sterling, Howard Sutherland, Claude A. Swanson, Charles S. Thomas, Charles E. Townsend, Park Trammell, Oscar W. Underwood, James W. Wadsworth, Jr. , David I. Walsh, Thomas J. Walsh, Francis E. Warren, James E. Watson, John W. Weeks, John S. Williams, John Sharp Williams, Josiah O. Wolcott (103 total)

Representing 49 delegations:

Alabama Delegation, Arizona Delegation, Arkansas Delegation, California Delegation, Colorado Delegation, Connecticut Delegation, Delaware Delegation, Elected Officials, Florida Delegation, Georgia Delegation, Idaho Delegation, Illinois Delegation, Indiana Delegation, Iowa Delegation, Kansas Delegation, Kentucky Delegation , Louisiana Delegation, Maine Delegation, Maryland Delegation, Massachusetts Delegation, Michigan Delegation, Minnesota Delegation, Mississippi Delegation, Missouri Delegation, Montana Delegation, Nebraska Delegation, Nevada Delegation, New Hampshire Delegation, New Jersey Delegation, New Mexico Delegation, New York Delegation, North Carolina Delegation, North Dakota Delegation, Ohio Delegation, Oklahoma Delegation, Oregon Delegation, Pennsylvania Delegation, Rhode Island Delegation, South Carolina Delegation, South Dakota Delegation, Tennessee Delegation, Texas Delegation, Utah Delegation, Vermont Delegation, Virginia Delegation, Washington Delegation, West Virginia Delegation, Wisconsin Delegation, Wyoming Delegation

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