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1787-05-31 10:00:00 in the Committee of the Whole: Mr. Butler apprehended that the taking so many powers out of the hands of the States as was proposed, tended to destroy all that balance and security of interests among the States which it was necessary to preserve; and called on Mr. Randolph the mover of the propositions, to explain the extent of his ideas, and particularly the number of members he meant to assign to this second branch. Mr. Randf. observed that he had at the time of offering his propositions stated his ideas as far as the na
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1787-06-08 11:00:00 in the Committee of the Whole: Virginia Plan [Resolutions] - Sixth Resolution: Power to Negative All Improper Laws
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1787-06-08 11:00:00 in the Committee of the Whole: Mr. Williamson was agst. giving a power that might restrain the States from regulating their internal police. Mr. Gerry cd. not see the extent of such a power, and was agst. every power that was not necessary. He thought a remonstrance agst. unreasonable acts of the States wd. reclaim them. If it shd. not force might be resorted to. He had no objection to authorize a negative to paper money and similar measures. When the confederation was depending before Congress, Massachusetts was then for
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1787-06-15 11:00:00 in the The Convention: Motion to postpone discussion of the New Jersey Plan until the following day.
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1787-06-18 11:00:00 in the Committee of the Whole: Mr. Hamilton, had been hitherto silent on the business before the Convention, partly from respect to others whose superior abilities age & experience rendered him unwilling to bring forward ideas dissimilar to theirs, and partly from his delicate situation with respect to his own State, to whose sentiments as expressed by his Colleagues, he could by no means accede. The crisis however which now marked our affairs, was too serious to permit any scruples whatever to prevail over the duty imposed o
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1787-06-30 11:00:00 in the The Convention: The discussion of yesterday resumed. Mr. Wilson. The question now before us is of so much consequence, that I cannot give it a silent vote — Gentlemen have said, that if this amendment is not agreed to, a separation to the north of Pennsylvania may be the consequence. — This neither staggers me in my sentiments or my duty. If a minority should refuse their assent to the new plan of a general government, and if they will have their own will, and without it, separate the union, let it be done;
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1787-06-30 11:00:00 in the The Convention: Proposal for Consideration
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1787-07-14 11:00:00 in the The Convention: Mr. Dayton. The smaller States can never give up their equality. For himself he would in no event yield that security for their rights. Mr. Sherman urged the equality of votes not so much as a security for the small States; as for the State Govts. which could not be preserved unless they were represented & had a negative in the Genl. Government. He had no objection to the members in the 2d b. voting per capita, as had been suggested by Mr. Gerry. Mr. Madison concurred in the motion of Mr.
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1789-06-08 11:00:00 in the The House of Representatives: Madison's Proposed Amendments
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1789-06-08 11:00:00 in the The House of Representatives: Madison's Proposed Amendments