Thomas Morris was a Philadelphia brewer who also kept a diary in which he entered the weather. Hutson found this in the Hagley Museum and Library, from which he extracted the daily weather reported by Morris.


Thomas Morris was a Philadelphia brewer who also kept a diary in which he entered the weather. Hutson found this in the Hagley Museum and Library, from which he extracted the daily weather reported by Morris.


14th May: Cloudy and dull with driz'ling Rain at times
15th May: Wind N.E. yet it cleared away at Night it was mild
16th May: clear & serene Morning & so continued through the day 'tho the wind continued N. East
17th May: foggy Morning, clear afterwards & pleasant, & in Evening a small Shower
18th May: some Rain afternoon, & a Gust a little before Noon
19th May: pleasant Weather
20th May: gusty & uncertain weather, with Thunder about Noon
21st May: Wind N. W. & cool 
22nd May: Wind N. & Rain, & in the Evening clear & cool
23rd May: Wind southerly & pleasant 
24th May: it look'd very likely to rain in the Morning but clear'd away 
25th May: Rain (& pretty much of it) fell nearly all day
26th May: cool & Wind N. W.
27th May: pleasant 'tho cool for the Season & rather windy
28th May: weather ditto 
29th May: pleasant weather
30th May: much Rain, wind S. East
31st May: there was a smart Shower in the Morning, the weather soon after clear'd up & the rest of the day was fine 
1st June: pleasant but rather cool 
2nd June: cool Morning, & I think there must be frost. Fire seems necessary, & we have kept one in the Parlour Morng. & Eveng. & sometimes throughout the day for the most part of the Spring
3rd June: cool Wind from N. E. with flying Clouds & Rain in the Morning; in the Evening it clear'd at N. W. & was (I had almost said) cold
4th June: clear & cool wind pretty high (Westerly)
5th June: pleasant. . . . In the Evening it rained
6th June: dull Morning Wind N. E. & about 11 o'clock it began to rain & continued throughout the Day
7th June: variable Weather, Showers frequent
8th June: Clear & fine weather, wind N. W. in the Morng. clouded over before Noon & so continued most of the day.
9th June: Very fine Haymaking weather
10th June: warmer than of late 
11th June: very pleasant 
12th June: fine Hay weather
13th June: warm weather, the Thermometer at Noon 80 degrees
14th June: Warm & dusty, Therm. 84
15th June: Ditto . . . 86 
16th June: easterly wind & cooler, Thermometer 76
17th June:
18th June:
19th June: pleasant Weather
20th June: very pleasant, Wind Easterly
21st June: Weather sultry with a smart Shower afternoon
22nd June: a heavy thundergust in last Night with Rain. This Day cool & pleasant
23rd June: The weather was pleasant
24th June: a Shower afternoon 3 o'clock
25th June: A good deal of Lightning & Thunder in last Night with Rain. It also rained smartly this Morning 
26th June: pleasant
27th June: Weather pleasant 
28th June: ditto
29th June: wind N. E.
30th June: Weather warm
1st July: pleasant for the Season
2nd July: Foggy Morng. hot Sun afterwards
3rd July: Very warm weather. Thermometer 90 degrees
4th July: Wind N. West & pleasant for the Season
5th July:
6th July:
7th July:
8th July:
9th July:
10th July:
11th July:
12th July:
13th July:
14th July:
15th July:
16th July:
17th July:
18th July:
19th July: A small Shower after dinner 
20th July: Wind N. East and cloudy in the Morning, afterward clear & pleasant Weather
21st July: weather the same 
22nd July: Therm. 80: rather warmer than lately
23rd July: warm Weather; Therm. 83. In the Evening threat'ned Rain but went over
24th July: Wind N. East in the Morning, but soon changed to S. West &clear'd away
25th July: ome Rain about Noon, Wind S. E., & a very fine refreshing Rain after Dinner, which continued most of the Afternoon 
26th July: Cloudy most of the Day & some Rain 
27th July: Clear & very pleasant Weather
28th July: cool for the Season, Rain in Evening . . . Wind N. East
29th July: Wind N. E. & cool. Cloudy without Rain
30th July: wind N. E. & [ditto?]
31st July: Wind N. E. & more like Fall than Midsummer
1st August: Wind yet N. East with some Rain in the Morning & cloudy all day
2nd August: Wind veering around to S. West the Weather for the greater part of the day was clear & in the Sun warm. The Eveng. pleasant
3rd August: Hot Sun
4th August:
5th August: Summer Weather, Therm. 82
6th August: Wind S. E. and rainy in the Morng. after 10 o'Clock clear & warm
7th August: Foggy Morning, afterwards clear & warm
8th August: The same
9th August: Rain afternoon with much Lightning & Thunder at Night
10th August: Rain in last Night, & several Showers this day
11th August: clear & pleasant Weather for Summer
12th August: Ditto, but hot in the Sun
13th August: the same
14th August: very warm. Therm. 85
15th August: more Air & pleasanter than yesterday. Rain in Evening with Lightning & Thunder
16th August: pleasant out of the Sun
17th August: Pleasant Morning; cloudy Afternoon & some Rain
18th August: cool, airy & pleasant
19th August: weather moderate
20th August: Wind S. E. & cloudy, about 10 o'Clock it began to rain & continued violently through the day & Evening
21st August: cloudy at times with some Rain
22nd August: seasonable weather
23rd August: Wind N. W. & reasonably pleasant weather
24th August: weather hot
25th August: hot weather. Therm. 85
26th August: moderate weather, Wind N. W.
27th August: Wind N. E. cloudy & cool with Rain in the Morning
28th August: wind easterly with small Rain
29th August: remarkably damp, close & unwholesome weather, some Rain with Lightning in the afternoon
30th August: rain in the Morng. very pleasant Evening
31st August: pleasant Weather, Wind NW. & N. E.
1st September: Wind easterly with constant Rain from 2 o'Clock P. M. until Evening
2nd September: dull till near Noon, when the Weather clear'd & was pleasant
3rd September: pleasant Weather
4th September: Ditto
5th September:
6th September: wind N. W. & cool, out of the Sun
7th September: cool Morning & pleasant throughout
8th September: Ditto
9th September: warm Sun
10th September: Therm. 82 degrees
11th September: Weather oppressively hot, Therm. 85 [?]
12th September: hot weather Therm. 87½
13th September: Rain in the Morning, & rather cooler all day than the three last
14th September: Rain in last Night, the day at Times clear & Sun powerful. In the Evening the wind to eastward of South, very heavy clouds to the North & N. West with much Lightning, the wind suddenly veer'd about to N. W. when the atmosphere for an Hour or more was almost a continued Blaze of Light but no very heavy Thunder, for a considerable Time it rained heavilly; & blew violently from N. W. about 10 minutes
15th September: Wind N. W. & Weather cool & pleasant
16th September: pleasant weather
17th September: cool

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