United States Bill of Rights 1789

Twelve articles of amendment to the Constitution, introduced in September 1789 by Congress.

Maryland Delegation

This is one of the 12 delegations in the convention, accounting for 8 of 92 people who took part.

Members (8):

Name Visualize Details Delegations
Charles Carroll Visualize (19 September 1737 – 14 November 1832) Planter, businessman, signer of the Declaration of Independence (the only Roman Catholic), and U.S. Senator. Although Carroll acknowledged that slavery was “a great evil”, he ran the family tobacco producing estate with nearly 300 slaves; only one of them, his “servant Bill” would be freed by his will. Carroll was elected to the Philadelphia convention in 1787 but declined the post. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
Daniel Carroll Visualize (22 July 1730 – 7 May 1796) Plantation owner, slaveholder, and land speculator. Elected to the Executive Council of Maryland at the start of the Revolution, he later became a state senator and a delegate to the Confederation Congress. He was later elected to the US House of Representatives and was one of three commissioners appointed to survey the new District of Colombia. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation) , Maryland Delegation (U.S. Constitutional Convention 1787 (2019 Edition)) , Maryland Delegation (United States Constitutional Convention 1787 (2016 Edition))
Benjamin Contee Visualize (1755 – 30 November 1815) Episcopal priest, merchant, and Congressman. Contee was an officer in the American Revolutionary War, a delegate to the Maryland House of Delegates and the Confederation Congress, and a member of the first U.S. House of Representatives. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
George Gale Visualize (3 June 1756 – 2 January 1815) A U.S. Representative from Maryland, Gale was also appointed supervisor of distilled liquors for the district of Maryland by George Washington. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
John Henry Visualize (November 1750 – 16 December 1798) Lawyer, delegate to the Continental Congress, Governor of Maryland, and member of the U.S. Senate. Henry served as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, the Maryland State Senate, and the Continental Congress. Once elected as a Senator to the First Congress, Henry served for eight years before resigning to become governor of Maryland. [Source: ‘John Henry’, Wikipedia] Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
Joshua Seney Visualize (4 March 1756 – 20 October 1798) Farmer, lawyer, member of the Continental Congress, and the U.S. House of Representatives. After serving as the sheriff of Queen Anne's County, Maryland, Seney served on the Maryland House of Delegates and the Continental Congress. He was afterwards elected to the First Congress and then reelected for a second term as an Anti-Administration candidate. However, he resigned in the middle of his second term and became a judge of the state court for Baltimore. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
William Smith Visualize (12 April 1728 – 27 March 1814) Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and delegate to the Continental Congress in 1777. He also pursued a career as a merchant and was the First Auditor of the U.S. Treasury from 1791. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
Michael Jenifer Stone Visualize (1747 – 1812) Planter and member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Stone was a delegate to the state convention that ratified the U.S. Constitution and a member to the first U.S. Congress. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)