United States Constitutional Convention 1787 (2016 Edition)

Grand Convention at Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, Quill Project 2016 Edition.

Maryland Delegation

This is one of the 12 delegations in the convention, accounting for 5 of 55 people who took part.

Members (5):

Name Visualize Details Delegations
Daniel Carroll Visualize (22 July 1730 – 7 May 1796) Plantation owner, slaveholder, and land speculator. Elected to the Executive Council of Maryland at the start of the Revolution, he later became a state senator and a delegate to the Confederation Congress. He was later elected to the US House of Representatives and was one of three commissioners appointed to survey the new District of Colombia. Maryland Delegation (United States Bill of Rights 1789) , Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
Daniel of St Thomas Jenifer Visualize (1723 – 16 November 1790) Planter, slave owner, and merchant. He was a member of both houses of the Maryland legislature and a delegate to the Continental Congress. He was later chosen to represent Maryland at the Constitutional Convention. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
Luther Martin Visualize (20 February 1748 – 8 July 1826) Lawyer, slave owner and Attorney General of Maryland. Elected to the Confederation Congress but didn’t attend due to other commitments. A prominent member of the Constitutional Convention, he returned to the law afterwards. In later years he became famous for his defence of Samuel Chase and Aaron Burr. Ran a small plantation. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
James McHenry Visualize (16 November 1753–03 May 1816) Physician, merchant and slave owner. During the Revolutionary War he was initially a surgeon in the Continental Army, but was made assistant secretary to Washington and then aide-de-camp to Lafayette. After the war he was elected to the Maryland legislature and the Confederation Congress. He was Secretary of War under both Washington and Adams. He kept a small number of slaves as household servants. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)
John Francis Mercer Visualize (17 May 1759 – 30 August 1821) Tobacco planter, slave owner and lawyer. He was an officer during the Revolutionary War, serving in both the Continental Army and Virginia militia, for a time he was aide-de-camp to Charles Lee. After the war he entered the Confederation Congress to represent Virginia. Having moved to Maryland he was appointed a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He was later Governor of Maryland and member of the US House of Representatives. Maryland Delegation (This negotiation)