U.S. Constitutional Convention 1787 (2021 Edition)

Grand Convention at Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, Quill Project 2021 Edition.

Delaware Delegation

This is one of the 13 delegations in the convention, accounting for 5 of 59 people who took part.

Members (5):

Name Visualize Details Delegations
Richard Basset Visualize (2 April 1745 – 16 August 1815) Lawyer, planter, slave owner, and then abolitionist. He was a principle figure in the Delaware General Assembly, framer of the Delaware Constitution and cavalry officer in the Continental Army. Following his conversion to Methodism he became a keen abolitionist and freed his own slaves in 1787. Following his attendance at the Constitutional Convention he took part in the redrafting of the Delaware Constitution, became a US Senator, judge and Governor of Delaware. Delaware Delegation (This negotiation)
Gunning Bedford Visualize (13 April 1747 – 30 March 1812) Lawyer and attorney general who severed in the Confederation Congress and Delaware legislature. During the Revolutionary War he acted as Muster-master-general for New York. After the Constitutional Convention he became a District Judge. Delaware Delegation (This negotiation)
Jacob Broom Visualize (17 October 1752 – 25 April 1810) Businessman, surveyor and lawyer. He served as a Justice of the Peace and member of the Delaware General Assembly. After attending the Constitutional Convention he continued to serve in local government, built a cotton mill, and several canals, roads and bridges. Delaware Delegation (This negotiation)
John Dickinson Visualize (8 November 1732 – 14 February 1808) Pamphleteer, planter, slave owner and lawyer. He was a militia officer during the Revolutionary War, President of Delaware, President of Pennsylvania and a Continental Congressman for both Delaware and Pennsylvania. Despite this he had refused to sign the Declaration of Independence. The owner of a number of slaves, who he gradually freed on religious grounds from 1777 onwards. Following his attendance at the Constitutional Convention he acted as president of the convention to draft the 1792 constitution of Delaware. Delaware Delegation (This negotiation)
George Read Visualize (18 September 1733 – 21 September 1798) Lawyer, farmer, slave owner and Continental Congressman. Though he had voted against independence, he signed the declaration and participated in the drafting of the Constitution of Delaware. He was later President of Delaware and delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He later served as served as US Senator and then Chief Justice of Delaware. Delaware Delegation (This negotiation)