U.S. Constitutional Convention 1787 (2019 Edition)

Grand Convention at Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, Quill Project 2019 Edition.

The Convention

The main chamber of the Constitutional Convention, consisting of all delegates.

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Session 4426: 1787-09-13 10:00:00

Report of Committee of Style and Arrangement considered. Final process of drafting and amendment began. Committee on Sumptuary Legislation appointed.

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Report on Ratification and Enactment of Constitution

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Resolved that the preceeding[+e110795]This[-e110795] Constitution shall [-e110795]be laid before the United States in Congress assembled, and that [+e110795]it is the opinion of this Convention that it should be [-e110795]afterwards be [+e110795]submitted to a Convention of Delegates,[+e110795] chosen in each State by the People thereof[+e110795], under the recommendation of it[+e110795]s Legislature; f[+e110795], in [-e110795]order[-e110795] their assent and[+e110795]o receive the[-e110795] ratification.[+e110795] and that each Conventi[+e110795]on assenting to, and rati[+e110795]fying, the[+e110795] same should give notice thereof to the United States in C[+e110795]uch Conventi[-e110795]ongress assembled[+e110795].


Resolved that[+e110795]To introduce this government,[-e110795] it is the opinion of this Convention,[-e110795] that as soon as the[+e110795]each assenting[-e110795] Conventions of nine States, shall have[+e110795] should notify its assent and[-e110795] ratified this Constitution,[+e110795]cation to[-e110795] the United States in Congress assembled should fix a day, on which Electors should be appointed by the States which shall have ratified[+e110795]; that Congress, after receiving[-e110795] the same:[+e110795]assent[-e110795] and a day on which[+e110795]ratification of[-e110795] the Electors should assemble to vote for the Preside[+e110795]Conventions of nine States, should appoi[-e110795]nt:[+e110795] and the Time[+e110795]publish a day, as early as may be,[-e110795] and P[+e110795]appoint a p[-e110795]lace for commencing proceedings under this c[+e110795]C[-e110795]onstitution T[+e110795]; t[-e110795]hat after such publication,[-e110795] the electors should be appointed, and[+e110795]Legislatures of[-e110795] the Senators and Representatives elected: Th[+e110795]several St[-e110795]at th[+e110795]e Elector[+e110795]s should m[+e110795]eet on the Day fixed for the E[+e110795]lection of the President, and should transmit[+e110795] Members of[-e110795] their votes certified, signed, sealed[+e110795] Senate[-e110795], and directed, as[+e110795] the Constitu[+e110795]elec[-e110795]tion requires, to[+e110795]of Members of[-e110795] the Secretary[+e110795]House[-e110795] of the United States in Congress assembled,[+e110795]Representatives; and[-e110795] that the Senators and representatives[+e110795]Members of the Legislature[-e110795] should convene[+e110795]meet[-e110795] at the T[+e110795]t[-e110795]ime and place assigned, that the Senators should appoint a P[+e110795] by Cong[-e110795]resident of the Senate for the [+e110795]sole purpose of receiving, opening[+e110795], and counting the votes for President; and that after he shall[+e110795]should, as soon as may[-e110795] be chosen[+e110795], af[-e110795]th[+e110795]e Cong[+e110795]ress[+e110795] toge[+e110795]ther with the President should without delay[+e110795]ir meeting,[-e110795] proceed to execute this Constitution.

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