U.S. Constitutional Convention 1787 (2019 Edition)

Grand Convention at Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, Quill Project 2019 Edition.

The Convention

The main chamber of the Constitutional Convention, consisting of all delegates.

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Session 2747: 1787-05-28 10:00:00

Report of the Rules Committee accepted. Additional rules proposed.

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Credentials for the State of Maryland

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An Act for the Appointment of, and conferring Powers in Deputies from this State to the fœderal Convention.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That the Honorable James McHenry, Daniel of Saint Thomas Jenifer, Daniel Carroll, John Francis Mercer and Luther Martin Esquires, be appointed and authorised on behalf of this State, to meet such Deputies as may be appointed and authorised by any other of the United States to assemble in Convention at Philadelphia for the purpose of revising the Fœderal System, and to join with them in considering such Alterations and further Provisions as may be necessary to render the Fœderal Constitution adequate to the Exigencies of the Union and in reporting such an Act for that purpose to the United States in Congress Assembled as when agreed to by them, and duly confirmed by the several States will effectually provide for the same, and the said Deputies or such of them as shall attend the said Convention shall have full Power to represent this State for the Purposes aforesaid, and the said Deputies are hereby directed to report the Proceedings of the said Convention, and any Act agreed to therein, to the next session of the General Assembly of this State.

By the Senate May 26. 1787.

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By Order J. Dorsey Clk.

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J. DORSEY Clk. Senate.

By the House of Delegates May 26d 1787.

Read and Assented to

By Order Wm Harwood Clk.

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W. Smallwood.

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